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Surface Master’s Carpet steam cleaning in Brisbane South is for people who prefer good service combined with the best quality results. We pride ourselves on word of mouth which reflects in all the work we do. We offer the highest quality carpet steam cleaning at the most affordable rates. We service Brisbane South, Logan, upper Gold Coast and Bayside areas.

Quality Carpet Cleaning Steps

Carpet Inspection
Technician pre inspects the carpets for fibre type and level of soiling.
Pre vacuum
Carpet cleaning using our hospital grade vacuum cleaner.
Moving of Furniture
Moving any furniture required and placing protective tabs where required and within lifting limits of the technician.
Quality Cleaning Product Applied
High quality Carpet Cleaning solution is applied to the carpets. which breaks down all the dirt and grime ready to be lifted from the carpet fibers.
Basic Spotting
Basic carpet spotting is performed where needed on basic spots and stains.
Quality Rinse
Carpets rinsed using pure steam from our very powerful Carpet Cleaning machine. Our Carpet Cleaning machine runs on its own power and generates it own hot water
Carpet Softener Applied
A carpet softener is applied during the steam rinse process.
Carpet Deodoriser Applied
A nice smelling carpet deodoriser is applied during the steam rinse process. Extra is available at the end of the job at no extra cost if requested or required.

Deluxe Carpet Cleaning

All steps from quality carpet cleaning
Deluxe includes all steps from the quality carpet cleaning plus the following added benefits. Deluxe Carpet Cleaning option is great for very heavily soiled carpets or carpets with problem areas.
Highest Strength Pre Spray
Our highest quality cleaning solution is applied and boosted for extra strength and maximum results under heavy soil conditions.
Extra Carpet Treatments.
We can add an extra treatment to help reduce odours from the carpet caused by pets ect.
Pre Scrubbing
Our high strength Cleaning solution is scrubbed using our carpet safe scrubbing machine or manual carpet rake for extra cleaning action. This allows the carpet cleaning solution to penetrate as much dirt and grease as possible ready for pickup during the rinse process.
Reset Carpet Pile
Carpet Pile is reset with a carpet rake this leave all the carpet fibers facing in one direction and helps reduce drying time.
Extra Deoderising
Extra deoderising at the end of the job during pile reset if required.
Extra Drying
When required extra drying fans can be set up and moved from room to room as we clean to help kick start the drying process.
Carpet Protection Optional
We can apply carpet protection in just the heavy traffic areas after cleaning so you are paying for protection only where it is required. Price per M2 on request as an extra add on.
Carpet Protection is optional and can be applied immediately after the carpet steam cleaning service has been performed . We offer protection by the square meter rather than per room that way you can choose to have it applied in the high traffic areas only where it is needed the most. Carpet protection helps reduce carpet wear and damage to fibers as well as making your regular vacuuming more effective.
Hallways and Landings are considered part of a high traffic areas and are often the dirtiest areas of your house. These require extra attention so price is dependent on size usually charged as an extra room or less.
Stairways Carpet Cleaning is charged per step but capped at the price of a regular room which ever works out cheaper. Stairway cleaning is actually pretty hard work and often not cleaned well by other services especially when its offered for free. Our per step price insures we can take the time to clean each step the right way.
Carpet stain protection available and is recommended to be reapplied every third carpet clean. Urine odour Treatments available. We help neutralize the acid in urine that can take the dye out of carpet. We can treat the odor so it no longer smells the house out
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